Five Sonatas

by julian Broadhurst

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Five Sonatas - five Sonatas for solo drum, my second ever Album, becoming Drum music 2, Dm 2 [when later I sorted all that stuff out]. At the time of recording, 2006, I was, though I didn’t know it, coming to an end with my life of some 20 years, as a Contemporary Artist, of some repute. This music business, would not be an interlude or a side line in a pause in my Art, but an unthinkable change of life. At that time and for sometime before, I had performed regularly at Small Venues and Festivals, as the solo percussionist act ‘Perpetuum Mobile’; and in my Mothers folk band ‘The Red Lion Band.’ After a second Recital at The University of Derby - ‘A summer Evening’s Drumming’ 2006 - a man in the audience had offered me the use of his recording studio in Marehay. That resulted in the Very first Album [Drum music 1, Dm 1]; that is Perpetuum Mobile’s first album, PM 1 ‘Inventions for Shamanic Drum,’ seven tracks recorded at the first session. A second PM album, untitled, remained unfinished, as I built my own studio, the ‘Drum Studio’ - and began my years of Studio Lockdown, performing, recording, day and night ! I remaster the PM 1 and 2 sessions, 3 in all, to my Satisfaction. PM becomes ‘julian Broadhurst’, himself, The Artist now a Composer, the Drum Studio is rebuilt as my Isabel Studio - “Now in a time of music.” The Rh Catalogue of my own Works/ Recordings omits the 15 pieces recorded as PM, and they become Rh P1 - 15 preserving the ‘p’ in Perpetuum, as ‘P-re’ in Rh Pre, solving the problem at neat stroke. So, to get right back, Five Sonatas, now Drum music 2, Dm 2 [dropping the unfinished PM 2 mantle] now incorporates the Four Sonatas Rh P11 - 14 [the planned PM 2] , the fifth Sonata Rh P8, and Music from a BBC Radio interview promoting the Summer evening’s Drumming Recital, that started it all off in the first place, Rh P1, my very first recorded piece as a bonus [‘and all before it is silence’]. One of the must important albums I would ever make, DM 2, as an awakening, of becoming my own self as a Composer Percussionist, of setting my future direction and because these sonatas might be ‘the best thing I ever did.’

In November 2015 I set about Remastering Dm Sn no 5 -I had left the 5th Sonata as it was recorded, at Marehay in 2006, and I can say, I have never really been happy with it. Somehow, the need to remaster it got overlooked. Then, thanks to American Percussionist Joe Pignato's interest in the Album, my attention got refocused, and I took the remastering job on. Would you know it - riches fell out of it ! Now, no longer the dull one in the middle of a set of 10 - no, this has got shape and purpose to give in plenty - that had lay hidden all this time. Five Sonatas was always a seminal album to me, setting out so much that followed. Now all of it has musical import for me, and my 5th 'Cinderella' Sonata has come home.


released June 26, 2013

All instruments, Composition and Remastering ulian Broadhurst.
Tracks 1 - 4 'Four Sonatas' as Perpetuum Mobile 2 recorded live at Marehay Studio, PM 3rd Session, Derbyshire,England 2006.
Track 5 Recorded at Marehay, PM 2nd session 2006.- Remastered 2015.
Track 6 BBC Recording for PM UOD 'Drumming on a summer's Evening' Interview 2006.



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julian Broadhurst Derby, UK

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Track Name: BBC Interview music Rh P1
BBC Recording