Very Quiet Music

by julian Broadhurst

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This is Concert music, of delicacy and dare I say it of myself, yes, beauty, I think it has some thing of that in conception and performance. It is for the patient, the imperceptible and then writ large, my 'Very Quiet Music' - Rh 204.

At a time of my fathers illness he became very sensitive to noise, I started thinking about very quiet things. I had been making alot of very loud music, but tried to imagine a music that for the most part would be as quiet as possible, a Very Quiet Music. Simply turning the volume down any piece of music will quieten it, but, I wanted a performance as pianissimo as possible, a Very Quiet music. Bernhard Gunnter had managed the almost imperceptible, but I didn't just want to do that. I wanted a living music, that for the most part had to keep it's quiet. As it turned out, this music had such passion that It was barely able to keep it's quiet, and sometimes it would just have to burst out of it's bounds with the sheer passion of being that music. Recorded live in the Large space at Isabel without an invited audience, as even a dropped pin could have ruined the recording. Hence this is concert music for private performance, as a recording, where you have carpets to hush pins you may drop.

If you turn the volume up at first, particularly with headphones, please beware - it has a huge dynamic range.

'I could have told who wrote this music from second 1 - Julian, your spirit is clearly there in this piece' - Frederick Kojevnikov - French Contemporary Composer - June 2015.

'I stand by this as a piece of conceptual painting' - Julian Broadhurst - June 2015.

'Really enjoyed listening - such amazing sounds' - Martin Gaughan - British Contemporary Composer - June 2015.


released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


julian Broadhurst Derby, UK

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